Tips To Take Care of Your Lehenga Choli
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    Tips To Take Care of Your Lehenga Choli

    In India women love to wear Lehenga for grand occasions like wedding and luxurious parties or festival day too. It’s one of the popular women clothing in India. Lehenga makes you look special in a group of women. Hence, it’s one of the favorite clothing for women. There are many sellers in India, who can produce the quality of clothing at affordable price. That gorgeous desired look is possible with these designer lehenga choli. Most of the lehenga choli made from a delicate fabric. So, it’s important to care of your lehenga choli cloth as its very expensive product too. Buy lehenga online from ShoppyZip in India.

    Wash care: Some times, liquids may fall on the lehenga choli. So the possibility of the stains mark is there. Proper precautions must be taken for lehenga. First wash it properly by simple wash. If it is any dairy products such as milk or tea, washing should be done immediately.  


    Use mild detergent: Designer lehenga choli can’t be washed with detergents, as it has so many chemicals which are not friendly to the lehenga cloth. Those chemicals may cause damage or it will fade the lehenga color also. It’s always suggested to maintain with mild detergents or soap. It’s better to give it to professional washers.

    Keep away yourself from Oil: It’s funny but never be close to oil items or take care of your lehenga while eating or making food items. Incase if its fall down on lehenga, immediately add talcum powder to the lehenga and dab with cotton cloth. Take the lehenga to the professional washers; they will clear it with some kind of cleaning liquids.

    Safety tip: Wrap the lehenga choli with paper so that it won’t get any marks on it. Paper should be soft and add few naphthalene balls. These will protect from extra moisture in the cloths for few months.

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