IGTV is a welcoming growth for creators and marketers on Instagram because IGTV allows people and brands, and businesses to bring long-form type video content to IG to share with audiences and followers. IGTV is a feature that works in 1 of 2 ways. You can utilize  IGTV as an integrated tool inner the original application of Instgaram, or you can utilize IGTV as an independent application. 

On IGTV itself, you may know that IG captures videos at a highest of sixty seconds.  IGTV lets you make and share videos that are sixty minutes long. You can use the IGTV feature to upload lengthy videos to the application directly, where your users can watch them. Buy IGTV views to grab more viewers for your videos. If users look at similar content on IG, they will notice a little icon on your Instagram profile that informs them they currently have content available on IGTV.

It will take users to the stand-alone application to watch the full content if they click on it. One of the best things about Instagram TV videos is that they are designed and planned for mobile viewing. IGTV videos are vertical experiences and play as a whole screen, and this is the same as IG Stories. Anybody who is all watching your videos on the application can like your videos and add comments on your videos. Buy IGTV likes to get more likes for your videos. When end users click on your videos and move to the Instagram TV application, they will automatically start playing the video content they tap on. 

They will see the navigation options itemize at the base of the application. 


You will notice the IGTV icon available below the search bar if you go look at your Instagram, and it is most likely placed around the Instagram application. 

The first and foremost thing you have to do is make a video, so you have content to post to Instagram TV. IGTV videos are pretty different from Instagram Stories, where you can directly upload a video. Instead, you have to film and edit it before you post it on Instagram TV. 

You can also use the paid applications and free applications to get your video ready to publish. You have to click on the button  “Add new post” once you have your video ready before clicking on IGTV. Prepare your video content for IGTV. 


You desire to grab as much awareness as viable by customizing it when you add your video to the Instagram TV application. The first thing that you have to do is post the video content in your gallery and ready yourself to post a thumbnail for it. This is a simple process. All you have to do is select the video and hit “continue,” and pull the thumbnail from your video or pick an image from your library to add as the thumbnail. And now, to expand your reach and help it stand out from others, you have to optimize your video. To optimize your video, you will need to include: description, title, series, profile cover, preview, and Facebook and Watch.