How To Change Your Content Strategy In Line With The Instagram Reels Algorithm

Instagram launched Reels in August 2020 allows users to create short form video content to attract audiences. Instagram released some important clues about the Instagram algorithm. These things are what content will be prioritized, and reach the audience quickly  by Instagram 

algorithm. You need to know how the Instagram algorithm works on Reels, reach a wider audience, and make engaging content. Here are the details about creating  good content to grab the audience’s attention for your business.

Repurposing Post Won’t Be encouraged

 Instagram had to say that, “If the video clearly shows that you are repurposing content  from other apps (i.e., the content contains watermarks or logos) or reels have a low quality (i.e., blurry or clearly no visible content). These types of content have fewer views because it makes the Instagram Reels algorithm less satisfying. So, It is displayed in a few discoverable places.

Fun And Entertainment Reels will be encouraged

Surveying from users and observing recommended Reels interactions show that Instagram users engagement is doubling on fun and entertainment related content. So posting content filled with fun is a great way to get more Instagram reels likes and subsequently attract more followers for your account.

Heavy Text Reels Won’t be Recommended

Instagram clarifies that Reels content made text around the images will not be recommended to the audience. These things apply to other video formats too, such as horizontal mode videos and videos surrounded by borders. 

Create Humorous and Entertaining Reels 

You should ensure that your content is entertaining and fun because it is easily reached to the audience. Remember that when you create a video for Reels, your video content inspires the audience to laugh, surprise, and provoke the audiences’ curiosity about what happened next and delight. 

Use Editing Features

When you create a Reel in the Instagram app directly rather than post a video, you can easily edit the video content. Reels has the tool that filters music, camera effects, and text options. You can use all of these tools to edit your content when possible. Create innovative content to make the audience spend surplus time on your Instagram Reels.


If you create interesting content, more people will start to like your Reels which helps you reach a wider audience. These things make your video viral and land on the explore page. Now that your video is watched by many people, some of them might become your followers and start to share your video with their friends. This is a great way to make both your video and brand popular on Instagram.