So you want to grow your account and market your brand and business on Instagram. You have come to the correct place. At the beginning of 2018, the platform has more than 60 crore active monthly users and 40 crore active daily users. The growth of Instagram in the last few years tells the social media platform with marketing opportunities and potential opportunities for brand and business. Over the last few years, many brands, writers, bloggers, photographers, and marketers are marketing and experimenting with their products and services on Instagram. And most of them are earning automatic Instagram likes for marketing their brands.

Optimize your account on Instagram

The best brand accounts on Instagram have a connected website URL that drives their website or other social media platform’s homepage, the memorable picture on the profile, and a compelling bio. Account optimization is the first thing you have to set up on Instagram, not only the first thing but also the first thing the audience looks at before deciding not to follow or follow you. Create your bio with emojis and make a compelling and descriptive bio.

Follow some accounts relevant to the industry.

Think about the types of media companies, people, or brands in your industry that are already using Instagram. Go and find them on Instagram. Interact with their last content by following their profile. Interacting is nothing but leaving comets and pressing similar to their posts. These types of accounts will help you get started with the initial followers. Also, they might follow you back.

Find popular hashtags in your relevant industry.

Many people on Instagram use different hashtags for their videos and photos. Thousands of hashtags are shared every day on Instagram. Most of the Instagram influencers are using hashtags for their videos and photos.

Regularly share your posts on Instagram.

 “How frequently a brand and business should post on Instagram” is the frequently asked question. Most of the brands try to use this strategy because, in reality, it works well. Determine the right frequency by running your experiment with your audience.

In the comment section, use some relevant hashtags.

One of the most underrated and best tricks in the Instagram market is using relevant hashtags in the comment section. Using a hashtag as a caption does not look bad.

Run contests on Instagram

The best content is one of the best ways to drive more activity and followers on your account on Instagram. Instagram has allowed you to run your own contests on your feed.

Tell your audience to like your posts (videos, photos)

If people agree, tell them to double-tap. It is a very simple idea that asks your audience to tap your posts twice, and it will result in posts like. Your posts will show to many more people and show in Instagram’s activity feed because of Instagram.

Building a good relationship with other influential Instagram account

One of the fastest and best ways to grow an account on Instagram is by engaging your accounts with a large following and making them promote your content and account. For this shout out you might not have to pay. By building the best relationship with a great social media influencer, you might be able to get more engagement and organic shout-out as an Instagram platform that has grown very popular among people. People are becoming less flattered by comments and like and less surprised by likes and comments. An Instagram story is a special section that allows people to share temporary images and vidos clips.