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    0 Prodigious Pakistani kurtis for incredible mien

    Women always love to update them on fashion accessories. Most of all they never compromise with the clothing. Those are the accessories, which make women more beautiful. When it comes to ethnic, western or fusion wears they have their own taste in all the categories. But whatever the categories, they always prefer quiddity in that. That too today’s women has a craze for the emerging trend in the market. In order to get rid of the boredom of wearing the same type of clothing regularly, they go for the outfits that are new to the fashion world and also which might be suitable for their profession and daily use. From the casual wears to the formal wears, they expect everything to be comfier and suitable for them in all the occasions. Kurtis is one of the most worn outfits among women. The Pakistani kurtis are the widely used by women due to its comfortability.

    There are numerous varieties of kurtis available in the market and some of them are collar neck, embroidered, asymmetrical, side cuts, Long length, Anarkali, angrakha, c cut, casual, denim, double layered, Gujarati, high low, indo western, jeans, long straight, printed, shirt, short, tail cut, slit kurtis and Pakistani kurtis. The Pakistani kurtis are the ever time favourite of any women. The reason for this is it is the combination of both kurtis and kurtas. The main difference between a kurti and a kurta is its size. The kurtis are short length, tightly fitted upper garments whereas the kurtas are the loosely fitted long length garments. But the Pakistani kurtis are both tightly fitted and loosely fitted garments, which are below the knee length. These have different categories, which can be worn as casual wear as well as the special wear.

    Prepossessing Young Ladies With Pakistani Kurtis:

    The office mornings are the busiest morning for all the working women. From choosing the day’s outfit till the footwear that must be worn with the outfit, it takes time for the young ladies to come to a conclusion. They have to choose the clothing, which satisfies their taste. It should be of formal look and also comfortable for long time duration. The Pakistani kurtis are made of cotton fabric, which allows the wearer to wear it without any discomfort for a longer duration. It provides the utmost comfort during the summer days by absorbing the perspiration and giving a fresh relief to the wearer. These can be highly beneficial to the women who have very sensitive skin type and helps to prevent them from rashes and skin allergies. The cotton Pakistani kurtis are generally printed solid pattern or plain solid pattern.

    The office goers generally wear the printed pattern kurtis. This gives them a stunning look even without the dupatta. The main reason behind women choosing these tops is that it can be worn without a dupatta, which would be hassle-free for them while they are travelling. If dupatta has to be worn with the clothing, it has to be neatly pinned which is time-consuming. But wearing this type of tops women can save a lot of time and can concentrate on their face make-ups and the jewellery. Leggings can be teamed with this Pakistani kurtis. Usually, the contrasting colour leggings are paired with this, even the same colour leggings can also be teamed with that. A simple metal chain with small pendant, a stud earring matching to the pendant of the chain and a simple bracelet will look sizzling for these types of kurtis. As it is a formal wear, a normal matching sandal or a bellie will suit the best with this outfit.

    A Casual Wear For All The Occasions:

    This Pakistani kurtis can be worn at any occasions. Apart from the cotton fabrics some of them are synthetic, georgette, rayon and chiffon material. These types of kurtis are short, 3/4th and full sleeves. Usually, the sleeves are tightly fitted in hands for an excellent look. The georgette and the chiffon type Pakistani kurtis are embroidered in the neck as well the sleeves to give a stunning mien. These types of kurtis with the design can be teamed with the contrasting legging or palazzos. The palazzos with the Pakistani kurtis are the emerging trend among the teenagers for a ravishing style. These can be the best ever outfit for women who love comfort as her primary need. These outfits with stylish coolers with provide her with a smart look. This outfit can be worn for a casual visit to friend’s place, outing and for a long drive. As palazzos are loosely fitted pants from the waistline till the ankles, they provide great comfort to the wearer for long durations. These can be paired with this kurtis to give a sizzling look.

    These are common of the collared neck type. Its length is below the knees and a bit above the ankle length, these kurtis doesn’t have any frills at the bottom. It is plain and just slits downwards the legs till the ankle. These kinds of tops generally don’t flare out as they don’t have frills, but they have slits to give a professional look to the wearer. This is widely used by all most all the women as a casual wear. These outfits with ankle length legging are sometimes paired with the shrugs of the legging’s colour for a dashing mien. The fishtail braid or a sling ponytail can enhance the look of the wearer with this type of outfit. A clog or wedge footwear will suit the best with these type of outfit. Women usually prefer a sling bag or a sling clutch as an add-on for this clothing. A simple accessory like a choker, pearl bracelet and a hoop earring will look perfect on this clothing.

    0 Imperative Add-On For Voguish Women

    When it comes to accessories, no women will turn their faces against it. All most all the women have an affinity towards the accessories, which they use in their day-to-day life. Depending on the outfit which they wear the accessories are chosen accordingly. For any type of outfit whether ethnic, western or fusion, accessories are worn to it creates an embellishing mien to the wearer. Most of the women feel boredom in wearing the same type of accessory to all the clothing. So, they show more interest in purchasing different types of add-on to their clothing. Whether it may be from street shops or online markets, they always expect the goods to be satisfactory. Especially the working women face this problem of choosing add-on because they prefer to take varieties of accessories to the workplaces instead of sticking monotonously to a single product. This can be achieved easily by using the online sites, which provides them with a good collection of products.

    Be Trendy Women With Novelty:

    Bags are the most important add-on for any office goer. Nowadays it became an essential for the women. The bags were initially a thing, which was used at the time of travelling. But in today’s world, most of the women are working and without handbags, it won’t be convenient for them to move to office from home. The handbags help them to store their day to day essentials like wallet, phone, handkerchief, water bottle, lunch boxes, makeup kits and sometimes notepads and pen too. The women always go for the things, which are very handy to them rather than the baggy ones, which they might feel difficult to drag it from one place to another. They go for the bags, which has multiple zips and compartments both inside and outside for safety purpose where the keys or pen drives can be stored and easily taken for usage.

    Usually, women use the leather bags as they provide longer durability to the user. The young women always have the admiration for its pattern and texture. It gives them a classy look when carried to workplaces. This can be taken with all most all the clothing like sarees, salwar suits, jeans and other formal wear too. Apart from the handbags, some ladies will go for wallets, which make them more congenial to carry it just in one hand. Some women just take the wallets to their work along with the lunch bag, which makes their travel easier and comfier. The women who travel to office prefer canvas bags, this provides them comfortable while carrying it in bus or train as it is lightweight in nature and also it provides stylish look too. Apart from taking the bags or wallets to the workplaces, some women tend to choose these bags for outing, shopping and for some visitors to a friend or relative’s place.

    Stylish Footwear For The Stunning Look:

    There are numerous kinds of footwear, which can be worn depending on the outfit that is worn by the wearer. Any women will always go for the footwear that is very comfortable and which can be used in all the places. The working women usually prefer bellies, flats or canvas shoes for their daily use. As this footwear give them professional look when worn, they tend to choose this. The flats are commonly preferred footwear that suits all most all the clothing even the formal outfits too. The flats look perfect when worn with salwar suits and Patiala suits. These are a better option for the women of the tall frame and who has the heel pain too can use this footwear and make them healthy and congenial. Bellies are also preferred by most of the women to match with their western outfits like jeans and tops, jeggings and t-shirts.

    The canvas shoes are the add-on which makes the wearer look both stylish and professional. These are worn at times with socks and also without socks. The canvas shoes are paired with socks when western outfits like types of denim or jeans are worn. This gives the wearer an excellent appearance. Some women in order to prevent their feet from tan wear the socks with the canvas shoes. The other footwear like wedges, clogs and heels are also worn at times with grand outfits like the long gown, dresses are worn for any function at their workplaces. When ethnic wears like lehengas or ghagharas are worn they mostly prefer the high heels or jutties as the footwear. The casual shoes also match perfectly with jeans or jeggings.

    Accessories For Adorning Beauty:

    The jewellery and ornaments, which are worn to the workplaces, are pleasing in appearance. It should not be very much gaudy and grander in appearance. Like shining stone or fashionable works with lots of glittering objects over it making the outfit odd. Compared to bangles bracelets are preferred by most of the working women, this gives them a trendy look when it is worn with all the outfits. Whereas the bangles can give a traditional and ethnic look to the wearer. Wearing bracelet in one hand can allow the wearer to wear a watch on the other hand which gives her a stunning mien.

    The bare fingers may not look appealing to women, so they tend to wear rings and brooches on their fingers. They expect a quite simple and elegant outlook when worn. So, young ladies use a simple sterling silver ring with small non-precious. When neckwear is considered chokers and simple thin chains with huge imitation stone pendants are used with the matching stone-embedded stud earrings. This will add a great look to the women.

    0 Glorify Your Ethnic Wear With Antique Collections

    Jewelry is the accessories, which adds beauty for young girls. It is an adornment accessory for women too. The jewel set can both be the ethnic and western type. Depending on the occasions, it is worn. In the yesteryears, most of the young girls had a craze for fancy western imitates and they had a second thought for the conventional jewelries. But today’s women dig their grandma’s jewel box for antique pieces of jewelry. The main reason for the loss of interest for western imitations is the arrival of glittering jewel sets and their peculiar designs and patterns. Still the more there is an affinity towards the ethnic wears compared to the western wears, which enables them to go for the conventional jewel set which would be a perfect match for their outfit. The embellishing stones, colors, beads, designs and the work pattern with stones, glitter make it looks more beautiful than the other pieces of jewelry.

    The brides commonly use the ethnic jewellery set but now it is used by most of the women for special occasions like marriages, parties, receptions, sangeet, and other family functions. These can differ from a simple set to a heavy set. A simple jewel set contains neckwear or a necklace, earrings and sometimes bangles too. If bangles are not included in the set, a bangle set is bought separately with matching rings and is worn with the jewel set. Usually, these types of accessories are worn for both casual and occasional use. For any casual use such as for shopping, outing or a visit to friend’s place these type of jewel with simple designs are opted whereas for occasional days like wedding parties, family functions, temples and other festivals grander set of jewelry is preferred.

    Bridal Jewelries Within The Budget For Indian Wedding:

    When an Indian bridal jewellery set is considered, it is an ocean, which has numerous varieties of accessories from head to heal. A minimal bridal set comprises of mangal sutra head gears, maang tikka, earrings, nose studs, nose rings, nose pins, necklace, chains, choker necklace, chains with pendants, string chains, bangles, armlet, hand chains, rings, brooches, waistband, waist gears, anklets, toe rings, braid gears and bun gears. Most of the bridal jewelry set consists of all the accessories in a single set whereas in some cases, the matching accessories, which are not available, are bought separately.

    For Beautiful Long Tresses:

    The hair accessory for a bride should be lavish enough to suit her hairdos. When she goes for bun hairdo, bun gears with white or golden beads will suit the hairstyle. If the hair is braided long, then the braid gears with maang tikka will look perfect. There are many maang tikkas. Some of them are multiple tikkas, hidden maang and side maang.

    Accessories on a special day:

    Considering the face make up the jewel set is chosen, if it is a complete ethnic face makeup then a chandelier earring and a nose stud matching to the color of the earring is chosen. The necklace and all the neck accessories of it color and design is preferred for uniformity. The bangles are mostly chosen according to the jewel set pattern or to the color of the wedding suit. The armlets and rings are also chosen of the same pattern along with the waistbands. Mostly the anklets and the toe rings are chosen in silver color and in some cases, they are of brass color.

    With vibrant designs and patterns:

    Usually, the brides in India prefer embellished designer wear items with Kundan stones matching to their wedding suits. All the accessories will be of the same pattern and design matching to one another but may differ only in length. Some of the brides, tend to wear, gold plated ethnic wears for their wedding, which makes them look more traditional. In some cases, the women prefer to wear glitter white stone embedded jewel set that gives them a contrasting mien to their wedding suits and make them glow more on their special day.

    The Auspicious Mangal Sutra:

    The most important jewellery for the bride on her wedding day is the mangal sutra. It is a custom of the groom to tie the mangal sutra to the bride’s neck. If a groom does so the wedding is completed as per the Indian wedding. These are worn in different designs in different regions according to their custom and culture.

    Couple The Ethnic Jewel Set With Ethnic Outfits:

    The Indian marriages are big loud weddings, which are held in a very luxurious way. May it be the photography, catering, warm reception, return gifts, fun, parties and so on. It is the special day for both bride and the groom. Especially brides, plan several months before for their grand wedding. In Indian wedding usually, silk sarees are worn by the bride. There are several varieties of silk sarees and the most commonly used ones are kanchivaram and banarasi silk sarees. For the silk sarees, the ethnic jewellery set with gold plated or alloy metals suits the best. For these types of silk sarees, a heavy work set of jewellery makes the bride look gorgeous.

    The wedding day is not a one-day ceremony, they celebrate it for 2-3 days depending upon the region. Sangeet and reception are two major celebrations after the grand wedding occasion. For these functions designer sarees or lehenga cholis are preferred by most of the women. For these types of grand outfits, the jewel set with Kundan stones or non-precious stones embedded sets will make the wearer look adorable. Even sterling silver coated metals or white glittering stone sets will also enrich the mien of the bride.

    0 Picturesque Outfits For Wondrous Working Women

    The clothing tops the favourite list for any woman. The outfits, which she wears, make her show to the world that she is a woman of the positive attitude. The dressing sense makes oneself more confident both in their behaviour and character. The trimming of one’s personality will make the person bold in his/her way of approach and be handling the situation. It is highly essential for anyone to choose the type of dresses that are to be worn depending on the location, occasion. As India is a nation of wide culture and heritage, it has varieties of languages, customs and cultures in different regions. Even this has a vital role in the dressing aspect also. Today’s women have numerous choices of outfits in front of them to choose. It varies from ethnic, western and fusion wears with umpteen categories. So, this became an added advantage for teenagers, young ladies both in college and office and also for the middle-aged office goers.

    Any office goer women will hunt for her daily clothing in her wardrobe from her best collections for office. As a working woman, she has to concentrate on her outfits to maintain the dignity. This is achieved by wearing some of the outfits, which are trending both in the markets as well the online stores. Be a corporate sector, educational institutions, government sectors in most of all the workplaces depending upon the regions the dress code is implemented. This can be of both the ethnic and western wears. Based on the type of job, situation and the location women tend to wear the outfits. The comfortability is the primary key for any women when it comes to clothing.

    Classy Cotton Sarees:

    Sarees are the age-old clothing, which is worn by women. Even though, it may be an ethnic wear it can be worn by most of the Indian women to their work places. Especially the teachers who work in educational institutions tend to wear cotton sarees, which give them a reverent mien among students and their colleagues. The cotton sarees are the standard sarees, which will be admired by most of the women. It gives them a rich look when it is draped perfectly. These can be worm in hot summer climates also. As this is of cotton fabric, it absorbs the sweat and gives a fresh relief to the wearer. The sarees when dipped in starch after wash gives a long durability.

    Sizzling Salwar Suits:

    The salwar suits are the most worn clothing among Indian office goers. It is the outfit, which has the complete comfortability. Unlike sarees, it doesn’t need much time to drape. It comprises of kameez, salwar and a dupatta. This is also commonly known as churidars. Which gets its name derived from the word ‘churi’ which means bangles in Bengali. The extra clothing of the pants at the ankles is folded like bangles, which resulted in framing its name as churidars. As this is comfortable clothing, it just exposes only the least parts of the skin, which makes most of the women to choose this as their regular outfit to the office.

    Stylish Jeans And Jeggings:

    Jeans are the one of the comfiest outfit used by women. It gives western attire. Usually, jeans are paired with shirts or t-shirts. But after the evolution of the fusion wear, it is paired with ethnic outfits like kurtas, kurtis, tops, tunics and many other upper garments. The jeggings are the pants, which is more or less like jeans and leggings. It is a mix of both the jeans and leggings. The jean material designed in the form of leggings came to the form as leggings. This can be teamed up with kurtas tops and other fusion upper garments

    Adorable kurtis:

    Kurtis are the ethnic wear which is commonly used by most of the women. It is teamed with leggings. There are numerous types of kurtis and some of them are collar neck, asymmetrical, embroidered, sidecut, Anarkali, long length, angrakha, c cut, casual, denim, double layered, Gujarati, high low, indo western, jeans, long straight, printed, shirt, short, slit, tail cut and many more other types are available in this category. When kurtis are considered not all the kurtis can be used as office wear only a few can be worn to office and they are;

     Charming Collared Neck Kurtis:

    The collared neck kurtis is the one, which provides a professional mien to the young ladies. These are usually of 3/4th sleeves. A legging is paired with these types of kurtis.

    Dashing Denim Kurtis:

    Denim are the fabrics, which was previously used for designing the pants. Later, it was used in the designing of shorts and also the tight booty shorts. This was the material, which was admired by most of the women. Then came the denim kurtis to the market.

    Gorgeous Gujarati kurtis:

    Gujarati kurtis are known for their vibrant colors and patterns. Which makes them admired by women. These types of kurtis are worn without a dupatta. Usually, an ethnic jacket is worn with this type of kurtis. This type of clothing is worn on any special occasions in office.

    Admirable kurtas:

    Kurtas are upper garments more or less similar to kurtis with minute differences. The kurtis are tightly fitted outfitting usually of short length teamed with leggings whereas the kurtas are the loosely fitted upper garment, which is below the knee length paired with jeans or jeggings.

    Lovely Leggings And Trousers:

    Leggings are the lower garment pants, which is worldwide used by all the women. Later it was worn as a fitness outfit. It is teamed with ethnic wears like kurtis, fusion wears like tops, tunics and western wears like shirts, t-shirts. This gives a comfy feel to the wearer of svelte legs. The trousers are the pants, which gives a classy mien to the wearer especially for the women working in MNCs and other corporate sectors. This can induce their professional look when worn with formal shirts.

    Stunning Shirts And T-Shirts:

    T-shirts are the casual outfit, which is worn to the office, not on a daily basis. Most of the corporate companies don’t have the dress code on Fridays and for the people who are working on weekends. So, why not give a try t-shirt with jeans and go as a chic babe to the office. Shirts are the most professional upper garments, which is worn by business class women. Even the women working in a corporate sector also prefers these types of outfits with formal skirts or trousers. These type of outfits are usually preferred for any business class meetings or discussions.

    Trendy Tops And Tunics:

    The tops are the upper garments, which are generally paired with jeans or jeggings. This gives a stylish look to the wearer among her colleagues. The tunic is also similar to tops with slightest variations. These are upper garments, which is paired with leggings or jeans. These clothing can be a comfortable casual wear for women who travel along time to reach office. This outfit makes them look like a trendy chic and can also be worn on the team lunch or dinner days to create a western attire.

    Pretty Patiala Suits:

    The Patiala suits are the clothing which is similar to that of the salwar suits. It consists of kameez, salwar and a dupatta. But the pants of the Patiala suits are not similar to that of the salwar suits. They are loosely fitted pants from the waist length to the ankle length with numerous pleats. These are usually designed using cotton, rayon or georgette fabric. Most commonly cotton material is used. These Patiala suits are preferred during summer climates by women.

    0 Enrich Your Class With Handloom Sarees

    Indian women love to drape their traditional clothing sari. Handloom sarees are liked by most of the woman. Although recently westernization has influenced a lot in the way people dress but still sari comprises over more than one-third of total textile production in India. There is a variety of sari types in the market but women mostly prefer handloom sarees because they depict our culture. Apart from large textile mills, the number of textile centres is in hundreds and so there are innumerable fabric types weaving techniques, methods of dying, printing or adorning designing patterns, kind of monogram, colours, textures have created awareness among women, which made them go for the handloom sarees. There is something about the sari that makes a woman look classy and dignified.Over the few decades, the sari has evolved into a fashion trend in which most fashion designers ennoble the look and feel of this traditional gift.

    Handloom sarees have their own significance because they are weaved by weavers themselves this gives a unique design to each sari and it is a special feel to those ladies who wear the handloom sarees made by the weavers. There are many silk sarees, which are loved by women where the Kancheevaram and Banaras sarees rank the top list. As a tradition all the thread dyeing process and warping were outsourced and sizing, attaching the warp, the weavers themselves do weft winding and weaving. This is a proud moment for every woman who wears it when the clothing specially made from her native.Decades back there was only a few shops, had the outstanding quality handloom sari products, but now technology has given this in one hand browsing, anyone from anywhere can buy their favourite handloom sari.

    Mesmerizing Art Of Sari Draping:

    Women of all age categories can wear these because this nurtures a young look to the women. Unlike normal ones these sarees have exclusive texture, which makes them look unique from all others. Especially office goers prefer these types as it gives an elegant and gorgeous mien. The weaving of handloom sarees is completely done with a lot of detail. The weavers take to complete a single piece for nearly two to three days of work. The selection is the most confusing factor for a woman because considering the sari material, its colour, design, print, texture, pattern everything a woman has to select so, as a matter of satisfying all these factors it plays the best role. Through newspaper ads, articles, social media, magazines, and works of fashion designers, people from the world over have come to appreciate the magic of their evolution.

    Most of the women prefer the handloom sarees due to its comfortability in wearing. As it is mostly of cotton fabric, it gives them more comfortable during the hot weather. The cotton fabric has the ability to absorb the sweat and provides relief to the wearer. Unlike the other sarees, it enhances the look of the wearer after the handloom sari has been draped. If these sarees are properly maintained by adding starch while washing and neatly pressed after drying these will be given long durability too. In fact, the betterment of the handloom textiles industry can be accredited to the emergence of the online marketplace.As there is a good market for the sarees, the fashion designers are working on the designs for it.There are numerous collections of handloom sarees for women this makes them choose freely without confining into one.

    A Big Treat For Sari Lovers:

    Any official meetings, discussions or office celebrations women drape this sari to enhance their classy mien. It just takes a few minutes extra to drape a sari but will look perfect the all day long and give you a perfect professional attire. For grand office parties and home functions also this will suit the best. Usually, heavy silver coated jewellery will match the perfect with this outfit. A silver plated chain with a huge rectangular or round shaped pendant with the matching stone, heavy silver coated jhumkas or chandelier earrings, huge ethnic silver bangles or bracelets with the sari will make the wearer appear elegant. Commonly flat sandals or heels are the footwear worn with these types of sarees. A normal braid, French or fishtail braid and open hair hairdo will be the good for this outfit.

    The handloom sarees production are important for economic development in rural India this has an indirect impact on Indian economy development as India’s development lays on rural development. The Completion of a single saree can take two to three days of work. Several regions across the country have their own traditions of handloom sarees. In India approximately more than six million square meters of cloth of cloths are used per year for hand looming, more than 43 lakh families are involved in hand looming and this ultimately gives employment to more than 4 million people this is a major factor to optimize India’s upliftment.

    As far as hand looming is considered it is the second largest sector after agriculture. People always tend to follow the foreign brands in all the categories whether it may be address, cosmetics, soaps, shampoos everything. This is the main reason why our Indian economy has gone done. Unless we use our native products this cannot be reduced. For making it possible, let us start our views from handloom sarees. If every woman starts to wear the native products like handloom sarees it increases the employment as well as our country’s economy.

    0 Graceful Gowns For Gorgeous Girls

    Women always love to update themselves with the fashion world. Though there are more categories and varieties in women’s clothing compared to men. Their thirst for fashion will never end. This has made the fashion technology growth rapidly in the nearing years. Especially Indian women have many choices to choose their outfit for different occasions. A few decades ago there was a prominent ethnic wear which the women wore and it as either the sarees or salwar suits. When the western dresses have introduced the jeans laid a great impression on young ladies as it became a casual and a party wear to all the places. There are different ethnic wear collection of garments are available for the women. But gowns are always special and gives a stunning attire to all the girls.

    The gowns which were generally also called as frocks were introduced by the western countries to India was a formal wear and sometimes was worn to special occasions too. Depending on the designing of gowns they were used. For instance, if it was a simple design it was used as a casual wear and if it was a grander design it was used for special occasions. Initially, gowns were garments, which was loosely fitted from top to bottom till the floor length with full sleeves. Then there came numerous patterns for designing a gown. The gowns were designed as an ethnic wear apart from the normal western or fusion wear. This made many women to change their mind from the former outfits to the latest long gowns. These were usually designed in such a way that the clothing is tightly fitted till the bust line and from the bust line, till the ankle length, the gown was loosely fitted generally with lots of frills.

    Be A Pretty Doll With Floor-Length Gowns On Your Sangeet:

    The fat Indian weddings are celebrated for a couple of days. So, it’s memorable time for brides to choose and celebrate with many varieties of dresses for their wedding eve as well the other functions which are celebrated the previous or the next day of the marriage day. There are usually two functions, which will be held after or before the wedding day, and they are reception and sangeet. Sangeet is a North Indian function generally celebrated by the North Indians on the day before their marriage. Later this became more popular across the country that most of the families conduct these type of functions as a part of marriage eve. Commonly brides prefer to wear grand lehenga on their day of sangeet. But this became an outdated fashion. Then came the long gowns as the trend-setting clothing for the bride on their sangeet and special occasions.

    The long gowns are commonly available as semi stitched one, where the wearer after purchasing the gown can alter and stitch the gown according to her size and length. Even she can either attach or detach the sleeves according to her desire, which makes her look perfect. Some of the women prefer ready-made gowns to make their work easier so that their time and money will be saved. They will use these types of ready-made gowns for functions and parties. The other few women prefer unstitched materials for gowns. They find stitching of gowns according to their designs and patterns to be more satisfactory. Usually, those women will give the materials for stitching the gown to some boutiques that exclusively stitch the long gowns with the latest fashion designers. But most commonly the semi-stitched gowns are popular among the brides and the women who tend to wear gowns for grand parties and sangeet function.

    Fashionable Frocks For Fashion Freaks

    The long gowns are usually worn for parties apart from functions like sangeet or any other occasions. These are popular ethnic party wears, which is liked by most of the women. The reason for which the most of the women prefer these gowns is that it provides them comfortability as well makes them look stunning and elegant when they walk with the gowns on them. The gowns are generally designed with simple as well as grand embroidery based on the fabric. If it is a silk fabric, it is designed with grander embroidery, zari and mirror work also. Brides for their wedding function usually wear these types of frocks. The other type of fabric is net and the raschel net, which are designed with lots of frills and simple printed patterns on it. These printed patterns on netted fabric will make them more of adornment to the wearer.

    Several neck designs with simple plain or embroidery works are available which adds the crown to the outfit. It can be a simple U, V-neck. It can also be peculiar neck designs with a high neck or deep neck, collared neck or semi collared and also some of the gowns are attached with the ethnic jackets to make them look more of gorgeous mien. Apart from the outfit, the jewellery set should be chosen in such a way that it should be a perfect match to the outfit and also for the wearer. A grand chandelier earring with floral design, a heavy work necklace with the beaded or the stonework and the ethnic bangles on both the hands or a grander bracelet on single hand will add beauty to your outfit. When it comes to the hairdo, a messy bun with imitation flowers will be perfect for the clothing. Heel footwear can make your outfit sizzling and make you complete.

    0 Bridal Lehenga Choli On Grand Wedding

    Brides of India are the luckiest women compared to other brides all over the globe. In every marriage, bride look adorable with her wedding dress and accessories. Girls start their preparation for wedding eve even a couple of months earlier for a fat grander wedding. One of the trending bridal wear that is most liked by women is Lehenga. It makes them more beautiful on her special day.

    Lustrous Lehengas:

    Usually, any Indian wedding is not a one-day celebration. It is celebrated for 2-3 days with friends and relatives. So this makes her choose more dresses for the wedding from many categories. In that list, the lehengas always bang the first place followed by the silk sarees. Silk sarees are the common wedding dress in any southern Indian marriages. Though Lehengas are preferred by north Indians, many young girls from southern states have a craze for it. Their vibrant colour and grander patterns make any women fall for it. The neck designs are more important while stitching the blouse, compared to closed neck designs, the open neck designs with heavy work jewellery will adorn the outfit.

    There are various types of women’s lehenga choli's available both in the market as well as in online. The brides can choose from the variety of options designed from the qualitative fabrics like Art silk, Banarasi Silk, Bangalore Silk, Bhagalpuri Silk, brasso, chiffon Cotton, Crepe, Silk, Georgette, jacquard, Net, satin, Tone Silk and Velvet. There are plenty of choices to choose, Lehengas are widely chosen by most of the women as it suits women of all body shape. These are usually tighter on the waist and flares out at the bottom. The length of the skirt usually touches a bit more than the ankle length, which makes the wearer look graceful when she walks.

    Lehengas For Lovely Ladies:

    Are you women of the short and stout frame? Worry not a floral print or printed lehenga will look great on you. Especially if it is crop top and the long skirts are fully printed with knots at the waistline it gives a magnificent mien. For this type of clothing, a crop top till the bust line will suit the best and try a dupatta worn in the sari model will give perfect traditional attire. Girls need to accessorize their wedding attire with the attractive imitation accessory items such as designer necklace studded with the attractive coloured stone. Apart from the normal traditional bridal set, try for the ethnic jewellery set, which includes headgears, chandelier earrings, waist belts with hoop beads and armlets. Explore them at ShoppyZip store which is available in various colours and styles too.

    A jacket type or blouse type top with embroidered patterns on solid material long skirts with embroidered dupatta will be more apt for the svelte women of the tall frame. Unlike the sari style, if the dupatta is worn around the neck or one side over one of the shoulders gives a stylish look. A mang tikka, hairline tugger or hidden mang will suit perfectly for this type of clothing. Heavy work precious or non -precious stones accessory items will make the bride be a more blushing beauty.

    Whatever the Lehenga is chosen, the accessories and hairdos should also be done accordingly to give a beautiful mien for the bride. For these types of outfits, jutties footwear with stones and grand design will match the best. Apart from buying Lehengas as readymade the material or semi-stitched materials can be bought from online and stitched according to bride’s taste, this will make you even more stunning on your special eve.

    Want To Be A Traditional Woman With Trendy Touch?

    Lehengas can be worn both as a traditional and a trendy wear. It is all about how you present yourself with your outfit. If you want your engagement to be trendy, you can choose a floral print long skirt with mild colours and printed design from the waistline till the ankle length. For this kind of outfit, heavy silver metal accessories which comprise of a heavy metal necklace, Rajasthani bangles of silver coated designs, a silver polished ring, and grand earrings matching to it will make the outfit more gorgeous than ever.

     The bridal lehengas are traditionally designed in general with embroidered designs, zari works and grander patterns with stone works or mirror works. If the lehenga is grander, then the accessories should also be chosen grander than the normal accessory to make the wearer dazzle in their wedding suit. To get a better look at the wedding day, the bride has to pick some dazzling hair and hand accessory items which will make them beautiful on a special day.

    Designer Blouse Enhance the Lehenga Attire

    During the engagement occasion, most of the women wear the dupatta of lehenga as they wear while draping a sari. It will give them a traditional mien to their outfit. If the dupatta is worn around the neck this can give the wearer a trendy look. Whatever the ways the lehenga is worn, it can make the wearer look excellent. Stitching of blouses is also an essential part of the clothing. For traditional attire, mostly cropped tops or short blouses with short sleeves are stitched with single or double knots having jhumkas for adornment. Whereas for creating trendy attire, jacket type tops with collared neck and full sleeves or ¾th sleeves are stitched to give a fashionable appearance. Most of the women prefer stone or beads embedded jutties and a few prefer glass type heeled shoes matching to their outfit.

    0 How To Choose The Best Designer Wedding Sarees Online

    There are endless clothing styles are available for women in the online market. But sarees are the most beautiful and attractive clothing ladies. These come from ethnic Wear. These are the main traditional clothes for women. Evolution of the sarees has undergone so many changes in terms of draping style. The online market is flooding with different sarees with numerous designs and colours. Today, there is a huge demand for the designer sarees in the market. These can be the best choice for the wedding ceremony. It is important and a special day in their life and happens once only. Enjoy your occasion with a great look.

    Wedding Designer Sarees:

    Though there is a wide range of women sarees are available online, designer sarees are attractive and beautiful too. No wedding is said to be completed without a colourful designer saree with a matching blouse. The bride looks better and beautiful with the latest designer saree. Select your favourite stunning designer saree for the upcoming wedding occasion. To get bright look extra care need to be taken on the wedding day. Get the trendy mirror and embroidered designer sarees that bring you the huge compliments on your wedding day.

    Check Your Favorite Designer Saree:

    Many websites are offering numerous colours of wedding sarees that can be the ultimate choice for the wedding function. All you need to do is choose a gorgeous saree and place an order in just a few steps. Sarees can be shipped right to your home within 3 working days. There are nearly 87 saree draping styles are existed in India. So your draping style is a very important factor. These are available in various fabrics such as art silk, banarasi, georgette, satin, dhupian, silk, velvet and much more. Look for the designer sarees for a wedding with price online today. Check out the latest mahotsav half and half sarees

    Choose Your Favorite Color Wisely

    Wedding sarees are available in different colors and patterns. Color selection is not that simple and easy. Solid color designer sarees gives the spectacular look ever. Red designer saree is the one of the most important. More over it is suitable for all the special occasions, festivals and make you the centre of attraction. Bridal saree online shopping is full of vibrant color designer sarees. Get perfect match jewellery and necklace sets to complete the attire. The double color designer border is the latest trend in the online market.

    Decorative Items On Designer Saree

    Most of the girls and women prefer the designer sarees to get luxurious and attractive attire. Professional artisans are extremely good at adding stunning designs. These designer sarees are decorated with zardozi, bead work and mirror work too. Women plain sarees which are designed with sequin work on the border are always in trend in the market as they look so simple and suitable for cocktail parties too. Adding these works to the sarees can enhance the style and change the look completely.

    Half and Half Designer net Sarees:

    As per the latest trend in the market, half and half net sarees with gorgeous designs are one of the latest trends in the online shopping. These heavy designer sarees are the gorgeous sarees that look better for any party. Celebrate the Navratri festivals with these latest net sarees online.

    Shop for the best designer sarees online at ShoppyZip today!

    0 What Makes Salwar Suit Or Punjabi Dress So Special ?

    Salwar kameez or salwar suits are very famous women clothing in India. Especially, North Indian women wear these suits a lot. These are so simple to wear and easy to carry and provides an elegant look to the girls. Salwar suits have three major clothing such as salwar, kameez and dupatta. Kameez is ladies top, salwar is the bottom wear and a dupatta which can be worn on kameez to cover up the upper body. Explore the latest designs in salwar suits at ShoppyZip. These are available in various colors and designs which make women look elegant ever.

    Be it any special occasion such as a wedding, birthday party, or going out with friends. Punjabi dress is the best and comfortable choice. Few women do not like to drape a six-yard sarees for long trips. For them women Punjabi dresses helps a lot all day long. Party wear Punjabi dress are made of georgette material that can dazzle you at the cocktail party.

    Vibrant Churidar Dress Materials:

    Due to high demand in the online market, salwar kameez clothing is available at low price in many websites. Moreover, artisans are making innovative designs on churidar materials. The majority of the girls prefer dress materials. Why because one can give the perfect measurements to the tailor so that dress looks better than readymade suits. Ladies, Punjabi dress materials are available with the following measurements, such as top comes with 2.5m, salwar 2.5m and dupatta with 2.5mtrs. Depending on your choice girls can go with a full sleeve or 3/4th sleeve or half sleeve options also.

    Best Quality fabrics

    Check out the latest designs in salwar suits and place an order in few mouse clicks. These materials are available in different fabrics such as chiffon, cotton, crepe, jacquard, crepe silk, net rayon and georgette much more. Various neck designs such as round, V, U neck and mandarin collar designs that can mesmerize your look.

    Patiala Salwar Suit:

    Patiala salwar suit is always special because of its pleats. Over last seven years, Patiala suits have got a huge variation in terms of style and design. These suits need extra clothing material as the pleats of the bottom need extra material for stitching. These are the special attractions to the suits. Most of the young girls love these suits and best suitable to colleges and functions. In salwar suits category, Patiala dress is attractive and add traditional and fashionable look all the time. As online shopping becomes so easy, girls or working women can buy Patiala salwar suits online at low price in easy steps.

    Cotton Dress Materials:

    Though there are so many dress materials have occupied special place in women heart, cotton dress materials are always in trend and demand too. Ladies prefer these materials for daily usage. Bottom stitching style can be loose or tight, but cotton fabric is always the best choice for the summer season. Designer or party wear dress materials that are made of sequin and zardozi work.

    Give Some Ethnic Touch:

    Got bored of your western dresses! Then choose some ethnic clothing such as salwar suits. Definitely, these can change your mood. Get a traditional and beautiful look and one can wear them as daily or occasionally. Right fit ethnic look Punjabi dress adds the glam factor ever. Depending on the occasion and season select the right fabric that can be best suitable for your skin.

    Add Jewelry Sets:

    Add a beautiful necklace set or a pair of bangles that can be a perfect match on your attire. But try to give the minimum amount of jewels only. That would be enough to get a dazzling look. In other case, girls can wear a pair of bangles on the designer salwar suits at the celebration. Choose your favorite color designer dress material that can complete give you a traditional and ethnic look.

    0 A Wardrobe is Never Complete without Salwar Kameez; It’s An Essential Especially for The Ethnic Collection

    Salwar suit is a trend for every occasion from party wear to formal wear, seasons from fresh beautiful spring to cold winter and for every body type, it fits perfectly every time. Latest salwar suits have such a wide variety which comes in gorgeous designs

    Palazzo Salwar

    Palazzo Salwar, the attire is classy and is a smart choice if it’s worn at the office. The smart and perfect attire as a working lady in salwar I remember was by Deepika Padukone from Piku.

    Here, she is in black and white salwar kameez. The kameez is a straight cut in black and white shades; it has the high-necked collar in red color. The salwar is black in color with chikankari design. The attire was plain, simple and smart, a perfect ready to work avatar.

    Anarkali Salwar

    Anarkali Salwar is one of the gorgeous designs in salwar types. They are popularly worn at parties, weddings like occasions. Latest salwar suits come in so many designs like heavy embroidery work, stone works in it, including Zari work also, fabulous neckline, sleeves with so many breaths taking designs. These are usually long in length with flares, one can choose accordingly like knee length and the ankle length. They come as bridal wear also. The type is not only limited to heavy and loud designs always but also smart and simple nowadays, simple but catchy designs and perfect to wear in small get together with friends or family gatherings if you want to be traditional yet smart and trendy.

    Churidar Salwar

    Churidar Salwar is the most liked and convenient for women. The kameez plates or flares are usually less and straight in cut, the salwar or trouser is usually fitting according to legs creating beautiful patterns at the end which is referred as “Churi” and give the overall attire a beautiful and elegant look. It is designed for every purpose from formal to party wear. One can get the wide variety of Churidar to wear at any occasion comfortably.


    Patiala salwar is fun attire, mostly worn at special occasions. The kameez is generally small up to thigh but can be stitched accordingly and the salwar comes with flares from the waist till the ankles, giving it a beautiful design. They are comfortable and made in a huge range of designs, one can wear it at parties and family functions. They are manufactured in different fabrics from cotton, silk, synthetic and more with gorgeous neck and sleeves designs.

    Cigarette Pant Salwar

    Cigarette Pant Salwar is a lot famous and smart trend in Salwar Kameez type. These give a sophisticated and bold look mixed with traditional attire. These come in various designs, ideal to wear at office, formal gathering. They can be worn at parties and functions with the selection of right kind of designer Cigarette Pants Salwar. Generally, the kameez is straight in cut till knee or little long in length and the pants are cropped till ankle, narrow, you can get these salwar suits online. They are classy, sharp and high in fashion.


    Salwar Kameez is all about being beautiful, showcases feminine and highly Sassy. It is never outdated else improvise your effortless Style. So, grab yourself some latest designs of salwar suits online and add variations in your styling sense.