A Step-by-Step Guide for using Instagram

Instagram is a societal networking site that came into existence in 2010. It is a photos and videos oriented social network. First, it was online usable for iOS, and in 2012 it became available for the Android version. Instagram was purchased by Facebook in 2012; now, it is part of Mark Zuckerberg’s ownership. On Instagram, you will follow the people, and they will follow you. It is an excellent platform to advertise the business; people use the impression to promote the business. Buy Instagram impressions to  know how many times your advertisement has popped up on the page

Instagram’s features

For using Instagram efficiently, we need to learn about the features. When one is familiar with all the functions, then it becomes easy to use these social sites for promoting the products.

  • Editing of image

    You capture an image then easily can edit the image for posting it on Instagram.

  • Filters

    Many filters are available on Instagram that can be used for making the photos more attractive. There are many types of filters which you can use to give uniqueness in the pictures

  • Hashtags

    When you are going to upload the images, any information then uses the hashtag. Use the hashtag so that people can attract your post.

  • Send private message

    If you want to send any private message to anyone on Instagram for this purpose, you have the option of private messaging. Anyone can follow anybody and send them individual messages.

  • Tag the location

    There is also an option of location tagging. It is for the purpose of showing others the place where we are visiting and sitting.

  • Stories

    We can upload the stories on Instagram to show others and also can see the stories of others if we have followed them.

  •  Live videos

    Here, we also get to watch the live videos, daily millions of the people share their live videos. You can use impressions on the videos for marketing the products. The reaction shows the number of times.