A Complete Guide about Chiffon Kurti
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    A Complete Guide about Chiffon Kurti

              Kurti is women top clothing, women loves to wear it on jeans or leggings.  Every woman should have one piece of kurti in their wardrobe.  That is the popularity of women kurti. Chiffon kurtis are one of the women clothing type which got much popular in short time. Kurti is comfortable wear for women in terms of season and skin friendly.

              Let's discuss about chiffon fabric. It's one of the famous clothing like cotton, silk and georgette etc. Plain oven fabric which has extreme fine sheen effect created by super widely spaced yarns.  It may be woven from fibre.  Many of us believe that chiffon fabric is made from silk only. That's not the fact. Silk chiffon is soft material and you can feel it with a touch of cloth. Crepe chiffon is made from tightly twisted yarns. Crepe chiffon has rough surface on the fabric. It is used in creating new styles or designs for saree, dress materials, Kurtis etc. Chiffon kurtis are mostly used by young girls. They really love the fabric texture.

    How to inspect the chiffon fabric:

               Women love to wear chiffon kurtis. But do you know how to check whether its quality fabric or anything wrong in it? Yes that's a good question. Uneven hemlines which means lower edge of the cloth or fabric & seam puckering, which means the cloth is highly stretched for unknown reason. It can be for any reason, pulling the cloth one end to another end. So, check if it is stretched heavily or normal chiffon cloth. Never buy a super stretched chiffon kurtis. Those won't stay longer. Best way to check quality of the fabric hanging them to a hanger. There you can see quality of the chiffon kurti easily. Of course many women love to wear them. But it's advised to know the quality of the fabric too.

    Are you going to clean your Chiffon kurti?

              While cleaning your chiffon kurti you must take care of the fabric. As it is sensitive cloth, it’s always recommended to dry clean them in a net bag for just 2-3 minutes. You can select a silk load option without moisture. As it causes distortion better not to add moisture to it while dry cleaning.

    Wet clean:

               As it was discussed earlier, it’s made of fibre cloth such as acetone and polyester. It can soak in water below 100 degree foreign heat temperature. 

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