6 Stunning Ways to Drape Your Lehenga Dupatta
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    6 Stunning Ways to Drape Your Lehenga Dupatta

    It does not matter how good lehenga you wear unless if you don’t drape dupatta properly. Here are few tips how to drape dupatta on your gorgeous lehenga. Women royal princess look will come with this lehenga only.

    1. The Pakistani drape style:

    Just pin the dupatta one side and then wrap the remaining cloth around the body and leave it on left hand.

    2. Try it in a simple way:

    Wear the dupatta on the chest and pin it up on both shoulders. It looks so good if your dupatta is ultimate. If dupatta has embroidery work, it will look much better compared to plain.

    3. Use it with belt:

     Wear your dupatta regular way and just adds a colorful belt to your dress. First look always goes to waist of the body. If you have a slim sensuous body like kareena, it will be an added bonus to you. This wearing style gives you special appearance in the group and gets huge compliments to you. We know that you already fall in love with this clothing type.  Get the gorgeous lehenga online at discount price in ShoppyZip.

    4. Double dupatta drape style:

    This style came to limelight lately. Here is how two dupatta style works. Wear one dupatta normally how you do from one shoulder to other. Have another duptta, in the different color and drape it back to the shoulders with the second end tucked in at the waist part. It’s simply superb.

    5. Drape it like a queen:

    Believe me, this style is absolutely fantastic. Just place one side of your dupatta on the shoulder and pin it. Leave the other end to fall on other hand or else you can wrap it around wrist make it more attractive.

    6. Elbow style:

    It’s so simple. You simply carry the dupatta, insides of arms from the behind. Along with ethnic style lehenga, this draped style enhances the natural beauty. If the blouse has heavy beads or works then ready to receive the tons of compliments on gorgeous lehenga. If you want to buy a gorgeous lehenga online, get it from shoppyzip.com online women clothing store. You can get best affordable all types of women clothing in one place.

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